Certified Sanctions Specialist (CSS)
Exam Preparation Seminar

The Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists (ACSS) is a professional membership organization that seeks to advance the profession of individuals devoted to sanctions compliance. See As of late 2019, you can take the “Certified Sanctions Specialist” Certification Exam, a rigorous test of skill and expertise on global sanctions compliance. ACSS offers a full-day seminar that will help you pass the examination, which leads to your “Certified Sanctions Specialist” (CSS) credential. The instructors will be available to answer any question about the exam!
Prepare with confidenceIn this pre-conference seminar you will receive instruction from experts, so you can better prepare and pass the examination.You will learn about core content areas in the Exam such as:

  • Regime Types, Goals, Prohibitions and Effects of Sanctions
  • Sanctions Imposers and Targets
  • Sanctions Evasion: Typologies and Schemes
  • Sanctions Risk Assessments
  • Essential Components of a Risk-Based Sanctions Compliance Program
  • Due Diligence
  • Role of Technology and List Screening
  • Other Operational Processes
  • Government Investigations and Enforcement

Study Guide –yours FREE when you sign up for the seminar!

A complete guide designed to prepare you for the CSS Examination. Easy to use, the study materials cover core content areas and directs you to the information on which you must be knowledgeable about

  • Provides a specific study plan
  • Lets you study at your own pace
  • Guides you to other reference materials
  • Helps assess your preparedness for the CSS Examination
  • Guides you on test-taking techniques
  • Helps you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

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10:00 AM – 6:00 PM



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Scott Nance

Langley Compliance Consulting

Scott Nance is an attorney based in Washington, DC, with over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of international trade law. His company, Langley Compliance, helps companies and other organizations comply with U.S. sanctions, export control, and anti-money laundering laws. He has worked with banks and major exporters in both the United States and Europe, and served as Head of Global Sanctions Compliance for ING Bank, the largest bank in Netherlands. He has provided training on compliance with U.S. sanctions to thousands of people around the world, and is a frequent speaker at conferences on financial and economic crime. He has also advised governments in Africa and Asia regarding international trade policy. Mr. Nance teaches International Trade Law and William & Mary Law School, and has lectured at the University of Virginia. He received his B.A. with High Honors from the University of Virginia, and his J.D. cum laude from the University of Michigan. He speaks English, German, Dutch, and Swedish.