Complimentary Attendance

You can request a complimentary registration under the conditions below.

1. ACSS Members Who Do Not Provide Services to the Sanctions Community

These are ACSS members who do NOT work with service providers such as sanctions/AML screening companies, law firms, consulting firms, risk advisory, or due diligence companies.

2. Active and Practicing Attorneys who do work in the Legal Departments of Financial Institutions or Industry

ACSS is offering complimentary registrations to in-house counsel, even if they are not ACSS members . “In-house counsel” refers to a practicing lawyer whose primary responsibility is providing legal advice to the organization itself. ACSS reserves the right to determine whether a registrant is eligible for an “in-house counsel” ticket. These include job titles such as General Counsel, OFAC Compliance Officer, Trade Compliance Officer, Head of Sanctions. You must be an attorney and be employed by a company that is a financial institution or a corporate, for example, an import export company, a maritime shipping company, airline, an energy company.